Engaged! Matt & Carolyn : Atlanta, GA

Rain, rain, GO AWAY! Come again another day. Oh, I don't know, like maybe when I don't have sessions scheduled. Yeah, that would be awesome :) In theory, I love that Atlanta is getting a lot of rain this year, because rain is better than drought. However, I hate having to reschedule due to rain. Luckily, Matt and Carolyn were not to be deterred by a few rain drops. We proudly busted out our striped golf umbrellas and wandered around campus taking shelter where we could and creating a collection of cute, snuggley engagement photos.

Confession: Georgia Tech students spend WAY too much of our lives in the library. I think it's part of our educational survival instinct. When I asked Carolyn if there was anywhere on campus that had special value for her and Matt, she jokingly responded the library, because they had spent so much time together there. I guess this should be a lesson to the rest of my clients: Joke not, lest you be asked to make out among rows and rows of dusty old books! :)