Engaged! Kevin & Suzanne

I'd never had a conversation with her, but as I watched her audition from the doorway of the church I realized two things: She sang beautifully, and she had caught the eye of my ex boyfriend. In my fifteen year old mind, she had done the unforgivable and I was prepared to go to war. Start a cat fight. Mean girl it up. She didn't even understand the force of hormone induced crazy that was about to come her way. I put on my best Regina George face and stomped down the aisle to say hello. And then, somehow, the impossible happened. She smiled at me, struck up a conversation, and I was immediately charmed. You see, Suzanne is warm, friendly, honest, open and seriously classy, and it wasn't long before she became one of my absolute best friends. Boys and crushes aside, we shared the most important thing that two friends can: the passionate pursuit of faith. Over the last ten years.. wait, ten? Excuse me, ten years? Has it REALLY been that long? We're getting old, sister! Over the last ten years we have shared laughter and tears, late nights and early mornings, family drama, friend drama and at times needless drama. We've leaned on each other through heartbreak, encouraged each other through tough times, and easily shared a hundred nerdy inside jokes that no one else could hope to understand. If you knew us both, you would be struck by how different we are. At times, it takes us by surprise as well. But we bring balance into each others lives, and we make each other better. Just in case I haven't come across clearly enough, let me spell it out for you: I love this girl! And she has finally found the person that she will serve with, celebrate and share a lifetime of love with.

Suzanne and Kevin, I know that the two of you had kind of a rough start, but I am so, SO excited that you stuck it out and are going to build a life together. Suzanne, I've never seen you so happy, and Kevin I have to love you already because you bring so much joy into my friend's life. I cannot wait to document your wedding and celebrate with you as you share your vows next April.