Engaged! Joe & Jennifer : Atlanta, GA

I love laughter. There's something about a good laugh and a genuine smile that adds energy and fun to any image. It can be the difference between a simple portrait and a great photograph. It's better than Photoshop :)

Any of you who have found me through Facebook have likely seen my tagline: "Stylish, personal wedding photography." I love producing images that are stylish and fashion-inspired, but it's even more important to me to produce images that reflect the spirit and personality of my clients. I want someone to be able to pick up one of my photographs and learn something about the people in it. Take Joe & Jennifer for example.

It kind of goes without saying that they have a playful, joy filled relationship. From what I can tell, they have a great balance of steadiness and comic relief when they're together, with Jennifer providing the calm and Joe providing the jokes (although that could have something to do with the bag of sour patch kids he ate before the session :) ). I didn't have to work to get a smile out of them as long as they were focused on each other.

Joe and Jennifer brought along their dogs so that we could take a few complete family photos :) These two had SO much energy, and even my silly antics couldn't hold their attention for long.

We also took a few minutes to grab some photos for Jennifer to use in their save the date cards. Aren't they so cute?