Dreaming of what 2010 can be

I dream of simple things. Holding my love's hand as we confidently promise to love and to cherish.

Pulling him close as we share our first dance.

Laughing as I step all over his feet (I'm not a good dancing partner.)

Feeling the wind brush through my hair from the deck of a cruise ship.

Peering through the glassy water of the ocean and wondering how it got so clear and blue.

Unpacking way too many boxes as we settle in to our first apartment.

Filling our home with the lovely scent of garden roses, tulips and peonies.

Pretending to be Martha Stewart as I busy myself in the kitchen.

Laughing with Robert as we dial the number for Domino's pizza (Apparently, wearing a cute apron does not make me Martha Stewart)

Snuggling on the couch as we decide whether to watch Pawn Stars or LOST.

Opening my heart to my Sunday School class as we excitedly dig through God's word.

Relying on the Holy Spirit to change my heart and direct my path.

I know life isn't all sweet moments and cute stories, but I also know that my days look brighter when I choose to celebrate the small and beautiful moments in life. It keeps me smiling.