Do a little dance { Out takes and cameos }

And now, what you've all really been waiting for... my friends and I looking like total goobers! Having both Lisette and Emma at Ian and Jenna's wedding made for some really funny and awesome moments, and many of them ended up caught on camera!

First up, here's my wonderful and talented assistant Emma. This girl is out of this world. She's a dancer, actress, poet, photographer-in-training and seamstress. Here she is hemming one of the bridesmaids dresses.

I needed to test my light for family portraits, so Lisette stepped up on the stage... and made a really goofy face!

I am much better at demonstrating poses than describing them, so I often find myself in some crazy situations. Thanks, Lisette, for grabbing some of my favorite "in action" shots ever!

And now for the dancing. Be warned: I am not by any means a good dancer, as these photos clearly show, but I love to do it anyway!

I'll leave you with one more. I love this because right before Emma took the picture, Ian took off his hat and sat it on my head. It's definitely my favorite picture from the day. Just sayin' :)