Married! Noah & Ashley : Destin, FL

Even though Noah and Ashley were surrounded by a crowd of family and close friends, the way they looked at each other would have made you think that they were standing alone on the beach. Noah's smile spread from ear to ear as he promised his life to Ashley, and he chuckled as he recited the words, "Come what may." I will love you until my dying day, I sang in my head. I couldn't help but smile, noticing that Ashley had chosen to incorporate words from her favorite film into her wedding vows. Though simple, it was the perfect way to describe their commitment to each other. They chose each other, and come what may, they will continue to choose each other every day for the rest of their lives.


Ashley's mom and sister helped her put on her veil and jewelry.

Seeing herself all dressed up was quite an emotional moment for Ashley. I may have had to wipe away a tear right about now. Shh! Don't tell anyone. I'm a big softy when it comes to my friends.

I LOVE this photo of Ashley's mom waiting for her to descend the staircase. It's a simple and beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman.

Before I move on to the ceremony, I have to sneak in a few portraits of my seriously beautiful friend. Isn't Noah a lucky guy? I think so.


Noah: Please look at Ashley like this forever. She will never have to wonder how loved she is.



Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Landwerlen!















I'll leave you with two more photos. On the left is a photo of us from my wedding, and on the right is the photo of us from hers. Love it :) PS. The awesome photo on the left is by Anne Almasy.