Danielle & Chris { Atlanta, GA }

I love it when my clients trust me. I love it even more when my clients really invite me to be a part of their lives. Danielle and Chris are those clients. When we finally settled on doing their engagement session at the Country Club of the South, she invited me to her Memorial Day party early in the day to swim and chill with her family. I wasn't able to go for the whole party, but I did arrive early and I wandered around with her meeting Chris's side of the family. They were so warm and welcoming. I just know their wedding is going to be a fun celebration! OK, now it's picture time!

Blog readers, meet McKenzie. McKenzie, blog readers. When I asked Danielle if there was anything special that she wanted to include in her shoot, she responded, "Our dog." I got so excited, because I love dogs! This dog is quite possibly one of the cutest I've ever seen. There's something about the combination of small, white, fluffy and spunky that just steals my heart away. I had such a good time including her in the shoot.

I LOVE this photo, because McKenzie is looking up at them like, "Aww, mommy and daddy are kissing!"