Contest Winner & Sneak Peek

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in the Get Pumped! It's Wedding Day contest! It was so much fun listening to all of the songs that yall suggested. After much careful consideration and a whole lot of dancing along to different beats, I'm pleased to announce that the winner is the lovely and talented Melissa McClure! I have to stand up and dance every time I hear "Every time we touch." It's pretty fantastic. Also, I have to share part of a really fun email I got from Denise Myers from the Carl House.

"P.s. I was reading your blog and I had to laugh at the one about the pump-it-up songs you requested, because when you were here last one of our servers recognized you from the last time you were at CH and she said : the "singing photographer" is here! Hee, Hee! If you're going to have a nickname, that's a good one to have! I'm glad you are full of joy and love your work.... I do too!"

Isn't that so cool? I love it :) And since any photographer's blog post is only as good as the pictures it includes, here's a sneak peek from Sean & Lauren's wedding!