Jordan & Whitney

Not again, she thought brokenly. Another procedure. Another visit to the doctor. Another disappointing result. Whitney listened numbly as the doctor explained their options. If she wanted to get pregnant, IVF was her only choice. And after more than two years of praying, waiting, and crying over negative pregnancy tests, she was exhausted. She needed to escape. To breathe. To process what she had heard. So she and Jordan left the office with her doctor's words weighing heavily on her heart.

"It was in the Atlanta parking garage that I had that moment of surrender," Whitney said. "Where I knew that this could not be our life anymore."  She had exhausted her herself in the pursuit of pregnancy, and it was finally time to submit to the the still, small voice that had been whispering to her heart. She and Jordan stopped by a drugstore on the way home, and as Jordan browsed the outdoor sporting section of the magazine aisle, Whitney walked up to him and simply said, "I can't do this anymore."  God had already been preparing Jordan's heart with the same desire, and he responded, "I can't either. I think we should adopt." So now Jordan and Whitney are eagerly pursuing parenthood through adoption.

Jordan and Whitney began their fundraising efforts less than two months ago, and God has already provided them with over $15,000 to cover the cost of the adoption. It's a perfect reminder to me that when we align our heart with God's heart and our plans with His plan, He is faithful to make a way for us. To learn more about Jordan and Whitney's adoption journey, you can view their YouTube video or visit their GoFundMe page. I cannot wait to meet sweet Baby VanMatre!

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