Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding : Jake & Liz (Part 2)

Welcome back for Part 2 of Jake and Liz's beautiful wedding at the Biltmore Ballrooms! If you missed Part 1, make sure to go take a look because it is STUNNING! And let me tell you guys something. If you thought that Danny and his team at The Savage Garden did an incredible job for the ceremony, just wait until you see what they did for the reception! I know I've said it already, but their work is magical, and I am thrilled that I was invited to capture it.

While capturing all of these magnificent details was a fun task, it's the photos that come next that have the most meaning for me. Look closely and see Jake and Liz's wedding reception the way that I saw it. Jake holding tightly onto his precious bride who he cherishes beyond measure. Liz's dad fighting to hold back tears as he watches his baby girl melt in the arms of her new husband. Jake smiling brightly as he watches Liz get swept across the dance floor in the arms of the first man who ever loved her. Ellishah watching with hungry eyes as Jake and Liz cut the wedding cake. Jake's parents laughing and dancing like they are newlyweds again. These images - these moments - are my favorite.

Thanks again to The Biltmore BallroomsThe Savage Garden, Shannon Lee, The Bakers ManLethal Rhythms, and everyone else who worked together to make Jake and Liz's wedding day so lovely. My work would not be as beautiful as it is without your collective talent!