Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding : Jake & Liz (Part 1)

When asked to describe the atmosphere that she wanted to create for her wedding day, Liz responded without hesitation. "I want it to be like a fairytale." And what a fairytale it was! Danny Wilson of The Savage Garden transformed the Biltmore Ballrooms into something out of a dream. The decor and floral arrangements were sophisticated, romantic, and absolutely elegant. It was the perfect setting for Jake and Liz's celebration.

What I loved most about this wedding, though, was seeing how joyful and at ease Jake and Liz both were throughout the entire event. Their wedding day was a day five years in the making. These high school sweethearts stayed together through years of separation during the groom's time at Westpoint Military Academy, and they were completely ready for their shared future to begin. Liz and Jake, you know how much I  love you both. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your magical wedding celebration!

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see photos of the AMAZING reception decor and crazy party!

Thank you to The Biltmore Ballrooms, The Savage Garden, Shannon Lee, The Bakers Man, and Lethal Rhythms for working together to make Jake and Liz's wedding day fabulous!