Mike & Sarah

Tiny hands and wrinkly feet. Sleepy eyes and a pouty little mouth. Soft skin and an unbelievably full head of hair. These are just a few of the details that make newborn babies precious and irresistible. It's amazing how small they are and how perfectly they fit in their parent's embrace. It's amazing how quickly they will change. Their bodies will grow and your memories of these first days will fade over time, but with my camera I am able to preserve these moments for you to treasure forever. Through the art of professional photography, you get to reach into the constantly flowing river of time and declare These moments are too important and too precious to lose. 

The weather last week was brutally cold, but sweet Baby Everett remained warm and safe snuggled in his parent's arms. I am so honored that Mike and Sarah invited me to document their journey into parenthood. I love creating photographs that are beautifully simple and emotional, and I love working with couples who understand that the sweetest place that a baby can be is in the arms of his mom and dad.

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Lauren Wright is an Atlanta newborn photographer who documents a couple's journey into parenthood with great tenderness and an enduring, fine art style. To learn more about booking your Atlanta maternity or newborn portrait session, visit the contact page or email Lauren directly at Lauren@Laurenwrightphoto.com