Annunciation Catholic Church Wedding : Trey & Lorena

Thunder boomed overhead and heat lightening rolled across the sky as Lorena stepped out of her husband's car and waved enthusiastically in my direction. As she and Trey walked toward me, I couldn't help but notice how everything about her - the sparkle in her eyes, the brightness of her smile, and the warm glow of her face - radiated love for her husband and excitement for their marriage. I greeted her with a big hug and said, "Congratulations, Mrs. Millirons! How do you feel?" She smiled joyfully and responded, "I'm about ready for my sparkler exit!" This, friends, is the common thread that ties my clients to each other. They take great care to plan meaningful ceremonies, beautiful details, and enjoyable receptions, but when the wedding day arrives, my couples just want to be together.

Lorena reached for Trey's hand as he joined us, and we spent the last few dry minutes that we had wandering around outside the reception venue. When the rain began to fall, we headed inside and they took the time to love on and chat with their families. They laughed and danced with their friends. They took the time to say, both through their words and through their actions: Thank you. We love you. You mean the world to us.

And when they finally got their sparkler exit, they hurried excitedly to their car, waved goodbye to their loved ones, and drove away together. It was the perfect end to a beautiful day, and the perfect beginning to a beautiful life together.