Alabama Farm Wedding : Jeff & Laura

He looked at me a little strangely when I suggested that we go across the street to take some pictures. "Near the old farm house?" he asked skeptically. "Why would you want to go over there?" I could have given any number of reasons. Because he is the seventh generation of his family to grow up on that farm. Because the farmhouse he referred to was over 100 years old. Because I was dreaming of open fields and glowing sunset light. But instead, I said, "Just trust me." So Jeff, Laura, and I piled into his father's truck and drove across the dirt road to his family's farm.

We climbed out of the truck, and Jeff slowly began unfolding his family's history for Laura. His eyes lit up with mischief as he told her about pranks he had pulled, places he had explored, and things he had built around the farm. He draped an arm around her shoulders as he took in the view of his family's property, and he breathed a sigh of contentment. It was an unexpected moment of connection. With his family. With his past. With his story. With all of the memories and moments that had shaped him and the choices that had eventually led him to ask Laura to be his wife. In that moment, he shared a part of himself with her that he hadn't anticipated. Laura smiled as Jeff leaned in to place a kiss on her temple. This place was his past, and he was happy to be sharing it with his future.

Inviting family and friends to celebrate a wedding with you at your home is a deeply personal and beautiful choice. Exchanging vows next to your mother's hearth is an experience that cannot be replicated at any wedding venue. It was the perfect way for Jeff & Laura to begin their life together as husband and wife, and I am so thankful that I was able to document it for them.

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