Last night was a happy and sad night for me. I got to watch from the student section as my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets stomped all over the Miami Hurricanes. I had fun dancing around with my sisters to keep warm. I bounced along to the Budweiser song after the third quarter. I celebrated my last ever home game as a Georgia Tech student.

It's so funny to me that the last time you do something really makes you aware of how significant that activity actually is. I have missed more home games than I can count due to my crazy wedding schedule, and I didn't realize how much I had to miss until I realized that this would be my last time doing crazy game day stuff as a student. I went around and took photos with as many of my favorite people as I could find. These aren't all of the photos, but they are the ones that I look cutest in! :)

First up is Kyleen! I can't imagine my college experience without this girl. We met at the Varsity freshman year and have been adventurers, shoppers, travelers and co-conspirators ever since! She plans the best trips and gives the best hugs of anyone I know.

This is my new buddy Brooke. We both come from McDonough and love eating at La Parilla and singing along to the Wicked soundtrack at the top of our lungs.

This is Nikki. She brings joy to my life with her smiles, high energy and amazing spirit. She loves the Lord with all of her heart, and she inspires me and others to do the same.

This wouldn't have been a true Alpha Gam experience if I hadn't had a picture taken with Justine. We have photos together at every Alpha Gam event EVER, and this game could be no different. :)

And last (but most certainly not least!) there's Caryn. The best thing I can say to sum up my relationship with Caryn is that we should have met much sooner in life than we did, because life is SO much more fun with her in it!