congratulations, bride to be!

This season of your life is precious, and I am honored that you want me to be a part of it.


My heart overflows with joy for you! 

Your fiancé is your best friend and your confidant. Your co-conspirator. Your partner in crime and in adventure. You simply cannot wait to build a life and a family together! 

You are eager to plan a wedding celebration that reflects your values and honors the people that you treasure the most.

You place a high value on family and relationships, and you want to invest time on your wedding day creating memories with the people that you dearly love.

However, you believe that building a strong and enduring marriage is more important than planning a wedding, and you are more excited about being married than you are about getting married.

I understand your heart and your values

And I would be honored to walk alongside you during this season of your life.

I will simplify your decision making process, share my expertise in planning a relaxed, joyful wedding photography experience, and create a collection of authentic images that celebrate the woman you are and the people you dearly love.



These images are not just for the person that you are today. They are for the you that you will be tomorrow. The you that will have experienced grander adventures, overcome darker sorrows, and shared greater depths of love than the person you are now, and she will need these images to remind her where it all began.

These are the moments that unite two souls into one family. They are precious memories captured and made tangible. These photographs are your first family heirloom, and they will be passed down and cherished in the hands of your children and grandchildren. Preserving your family's legacy through photographs is my joy and my calling.


you want a joyful, uncomplicated experience

And a collection of wedding photographs that reflect the soul and spirit of your wedding day. You can trust me to make that happen. Let me explain why.


01. experience

I established Lauren Wright Weddings in 2007, and I have spent the last 10 years refining my approach and my craft. I have developed a style that is elegant, romantic, and timeless, and I capture the decisive moments of my client's lives with great tenderness, delight, and skill.


02. education

My responsibility as your photographer is to provide you with the resources that you need to make informed decisions. I do this through my client experience guide. It includes 40+ pages of information, insight, and inspiration that I've gathered during my 10 years in business, and I make all of it available to you.


03. efficiency

Your wedding day should be about making connections, not photographs. Together we will plan a portrait schedule that insures minimal interruption to your wedding day while providing you with a diverse collection of images. I will deliver your fully edited, print-ready image collection 2 weeks after your wedding.