When I rolled over Sunday morning, my first instinct was to toss my alarm against the wall. I’ve been working hard keeping my business in order, tending to my clients, writing final papers and preparing for exams, and I was pretty much exhausted. Thankfully, I was only second shooting Sunday afternoon, so I drew encouragement from the fact that the afternoon would be relaxed and stress-free, and I got out of bed. I am so glad that I did!

Heather & Michael’s wedding was so inspirational. They had the most Christ-centered wedding ceremony that I have ever been to. Absolutely everything they did was focused on magnifying the greatness of God and asking Him to guide them in their life together. It was amazing! There were lots of tears and laughter, and I had a wonderful time capturing their love. It was so apparent that they were committed to following the Lord together, and I loved being able to be a part of their special day.

Thanks to Kristen Leigh for inviting me to shoot with her! I had a great time!

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Most. Definitely. My. Favorite. Oh my gosh, I LOOOOOOVE THEM! What a gorgeous couple and an adorable little boy and a gorgeous setting! I love it! Where was this? I have a feeling I would get along with the bride very well…she seems like such a lovely lady :)

Wonderful images Lauren! So cool you got to work with Kristen, she’s awesome. Can’t wait to have her shoot with me next month!

absolutley beautiful work here lauren! your colors in these are awesome!

Awesome Lauren! Im very impressed with these, they are gorgeous!