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Feb 20 2015

Mario & Corinne

Devore House Wedding


I smiled as I watched Mario and Corinne standing together in a corner of the church. Mario was nervous about saying his vows in English, and Corinne was speaking words of encouragement and support to him. They leaned their heads close together and smiled at each other, whispering quietly in Spanish. Corinne is not a native Continue Reading

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Feb 02 2015

Make Connections, Not Photographs

Atlanta Wedding Photographer


The morning passed in a whirlwind of activity. Clouds of makeup and hair spray filled the air as Katie and her bridesmaids prepared for the moment that she would say, “I do.” When the time arrived for Katie to step into her dress,

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Jan 28 2015

It happens when you wrap your arms around him in your wedding gown. When you take his hand before walking down the aisle. When you lean into his embrace and let him sweep you across the dance floor. In these moments, you are holding on to the first man who held you. The first man who Continue Reading

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