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This morning when I went to church, I did something that you’re not supposed to do. I was late to the service, so I was awkwardly standing in the back of the room looking for an empty seat when prayer time began. I spotted an open chair, swooped in while everyone else had their eyes Continue Reading

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May 25 2015

He Taught Me to Choose

Happy Memorial Day


He could have waited. After all, he did not choose for our country to go to war. He did not choose to be part of the draft. Like so many other young men of his generation, his choices were limited by the decisions that his country’s leaders had made. No matter what his dreams or Continue Reading

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Mar 14 2015

Celebrating Five Years

Atlanta Wedding Photographer


5 years ago today, Robert and I stood before our closest family and friends and entered into a covenant relationship that would change, challenge, and strengthen us as individuals and as a couple. We promised our lives to each other in marriage. We wrote our own vows, and as I re-read them I couldn’t help but realize Continue Reading

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