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Feb 04 2015

New Website & A Giveaway

Atlanta Wedding Photographer


I discovered my love of wedding photography between the pages of my parent’s wedding album. My parents were married in 1976, so of course they have the requisite rigid family portraits and overly floral attendants, but there is one photo in particular that captures my heart every time I open the book. It’s after the Continue Reading

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The warm early morning sunlight shines on your face, and the wind blows gently through your hair. You nestle deeper into the warmth and softness of your sweater and place one hand tenderly on your belly. You close your eyes take a deep breath, reveling in the knowledge that you will soon be holding the Continue Reading

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With every year that passes, I find myself growing more and more thankful for my mom. For her compassion. For her love. For her support. For her wisdom. For her ability to teach me what it means to be a strong, faithful wife and mother without ever saying a word. She is a remarkable woman. Continue Reading

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