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I am inspired by love. Not the kind that you fall into and out of, but real love. The kind of love that is lived out daily. The kind of love that serves others over self. The kind of love that strengthens you when you receive it and deeply impacts you when you share it with others. It is a courageous, passionate, determined choice, and it brings my work to life and gives it meaning. It is the kind of love that strong, enduring marriages are made of.

I believe that meaningful, authentic images are captured, not created. I believe that timeless transcends trendy and classic never goes out of style. I believe in pouring your heart and soul and strength into planning for a shared future, not just a wedding. I believe in simple, romantic portraits, elegant details, and enduring moments preserved in print. I believe that your legacy and your family heirlooms should be carefully and lovingly crafted. I believe in belly laughs, warm embraces, and personal celebrations. I believe that marriage is a wonderful adventure, and I share that adventure with my best friend.

I believe that faith, hope, and love remain. But the greatest of these is love.